Ten Cubed

Momentary Gleam, 89 meters human hair 2011-19

Momentary Gleam, 89 meters human hair 2011-19

5 Feb 2019 - 4 May 2019

Venue : Ten Cubed, Melbourne

Opening Drink : 12 Feb 2019, 6-8 pm

Artist Talk : 16 March 2019, 11 am - 1 pm

Ten Cubed began collecting Cyrus Tang in 2016 with the acquisition of the Children’s Encyclopaedia series and has continued collect her photographic and sculptural works throughout 2017 and 2018. This exhibition will exhibited range of the major works in the past few years includes video, installation, photography and sculpture.



Castlemaine State Festival 2019

Amnesia , 3 channel video , 2017-19

Amnesia , 3 channel video , 2017-19

Castlemaine State Festival

Exhibition : 22-31 March 2019

Curated by Kent Wilson

Supported by La Trobe Institute

Very excited to participate in Castlemaine State Festival. 2 of my video works, The Final Cast Off and Amnesia will be showing in the old Castlemaine Hospital . Other artists includes Jazoo Yang (Korea), Abdul-Rahman Abdullah + Anna Louise Richardson, Taichi Nakamura (Japan), Kylie Stillman, Cameron Robbins, Sara Morawetz, Damien Shen + Robert Hague, Hayley Millar-Baker + James Tylor, Charles Green + Lyndall Green, Pip Stafford, James Tylor, Hayley Millar-Baker , Sisters Akousmatica, Susan Elliott+Helen Mathwin, Michael Wolfe, Melinda Harper, Kay Abude, Jazoo Yang, James Carey...etc 


Browness Photogrpahy Prize 2018

Golden Hour - Long Exposure series

Golden Hour - Long Exposure series

William &  Winifred Bowness Photography Prize  
Exhibition: 29 September – 18 November 2018 

I am very pleased to share the new with you that "Golden Hour- Long exposure series " was selected as the Colour Factory Honourable Mentions this year. 

The judges this years were Dr Michael Brand, Director of the Art Gallery of NSW; Melbourne‐based artist Dr  David Rosetzky; and Anouska Phizacklea, MGA Director.

I would like to express my sincere thanks for those support this projects. Particularly my dearest Chinese Australian friend who participate in this project includes, Nikki Lam, Pei Pei He, Song Ling, Sophia Cai, Theodore Wohng, Charles Lai, Zhong Chen, Yifeng Tan, Chonggang Du and John Young.
From an urban Chinese experience, we tend not to display emotions because that suggests vulnerability and even weakness. Disregarding how many years that we lives in a Western countries, this characteristic still stay with us. Although we moved to Australia and were under the Western cultural influence , to what extent we still carry with our cultural characteristic ? 

I enlisted acquaintances and agreeable strangers of Chinese cultural background as models. They moved to Australia from aged 4 years old to mid 40's . I staged these by arranging for each model individually to sit still for 1.5-3 hrs —the golden hour—during which they were shown a movie related to Hong Kong/ Chinese cultural issue or history. The overlaid long exposures traced their facial expressions and their shifts of position, recording their comfort and discomfort, their absorption and their impatience, their range of emotional responses. 


Lacrimae Rerum-12374.00s, archival giclee print, 90 x 90 cm , 2016

Lacrimae Rerum-12374.00s, archival giclee print, 90 x 90 cm , 2016

Exhibition Date : 2 Sept - 12 Nov 2017

Venue : Tarrawarra Museum of Art

curated by Victoria Lynn

All that is solid… is the third exhibition in the TarraWarra International series, designed to showcase leading contemporary art practice in a global context. The Australian and international artists in this exhibition depict precarious histories, and their art offers imaginative responses. Many of them use the format of the archival fragment as a starting point for their work – a photograph or video from days gone by. Others depict the current social changes, turbulent conflicts, and altered political landscapes with a new imaginative filter.

The artists in this year’s TarraWarra International are Didem Erk (Turkey); Cao Fei (China); Tom Nicholson (Australia); Patrick Pound (Australia); and Cyrus Tang (Australia).


BODY RUINS, 3 channel video in loop, 2009

BODY RUINS, 3 channel video in loop, 2009




1st July -3 Sept 2017.

Curated by Robert Lindsay

Fictitious Realities is about fiction and reality. I am very excited 2 of my video works, Body Ruins and Memento Moir will be take part of this group exhibition curated by Robert Lindsay. The other artist participate in this exhibition includes Daniel Agdag, Tom Arthur, Simon Finn, Richard Giblett, Mark Hilton, Aki Inomata, Sam Jinks, Michael C McMIllen, Colin Suggett, and Liu Zhuoquan.