Castlemaine State Festival 2019

Amnesia , 3 channel video , 2017-19

Amnesia , 3 channel video , 2017-19

Castlemaine State Festival

Exhibition : 22-31 March 2019

Curated by Kent Wilson

Supported by La Trobe Institute

Very excited to participate in Castlemaine State Festival. 2 of my video works, The Final Cast Off and Amnesia will be showing in the old Castlemaine Hospital . Other artists includes Jazoo Yang (Korea), Abdul-Rahman Abdullah + Anna Louise Richardson, Taichi Nakamura (Japan), Kylie Stillman, Cameron Robbins, Sara Morawetz, Damien Shen + Robert Hague, Hayley Millar-Baker + James Tylor, Charles Green + Lyndall Green, Pip Stafford, James Tylor, Hayley Millar-Baker , Sisters Akousmatica, Susan Elliott+Helen Mathwin, Michael Wolfe, Melinda Harper, Kay Abude, Jazoo Yang, James Carey...etc